5 Ways to Thank Your Employees and Patients

We all know it’s polite to use our manners, but many times the best of intentions can get lost in the chaos of a busy medical office. While a quick but heartfelt “thank you” may not seem important, employees and patients who feel unappreciated will start looking elsewhere for work and treatment. Unfortunately, frustrated employees lead to high turnover which will cost your practice time and resources. Patients who don’t feel valued have plenty of choices and will not hesitate to take their business someplace else, which can make a big impact the bottom line. The fact is that everyone just wants to feel appreciated, and showing appreciation is simple and can cost little time or money. Here are five simple ways to thank your employees and patients.

Be nice.

So simple, yet so easy to overlook. Be pleasant and take the time out of your day to pause and say nice things. Make sure your statements are personal, specific and authentic. Thoroughly stop what you are doing, make eye contact and listen so the person knows that you are genuine. While you are taking the time to say thank you to staff and patients, don’t forget say please as well. Offer a smile, make time for small talk and address people by name. Social niceties may seem pointless at times, but in a stressful medical office it can feel calming, courteous and will be appreciated by all.

Make it personal.

If an employee does their job well, recognize the actions that caught your attention. Because you noticed the details and took time to address them, it feels sincere. Calling attention to these actions will make them feel special and will make others take note.

Stay consistent.

Offering consistent thanks and recognition shows your staff and patients that you are sincere. Send follow up messages to your patients after appointments saying thank you and asking for feedback. After all, there are many places they can go to for treatment, yet they chose your practice. Take the extra time to let them know you care.

Specialize your praise.

Being recognized feels good. Make someone’s day special with a birthday card, a thank you email or a surprise lunch for the team player that goes above and beyond.

Provide perks.

Perks will define your office. Little details like a classy and comfortable waiting room, a coffee bar, annual parties or a flexible schedule will make your practice stand out. While perks aren’t verbal, these little unspoken rewards will make patients and staff feel special and appreciated.

Everyone wants to feel valued, and simple praise can positively influence the office culture. When you recognize your staff and patients you create happier and healthier people who cherish the service and attention you provide.

Are there special ways that you thank your staff and patients? If so, share your ideas on our Facebook page!

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