Vera Dowdle Charity Fund Donation

Through the NORM organization, we are united and stand strong in support to each other as we individually manage our office and continue to assist our patients with access to care. We do this in many ways through our annual conference, the listserv, advocacy and much more. As NORM grows, there will be many resources to assist us in this task. A Charity Committee has been established in the name of Vera Dowdle. This charity will give NORM another opportunity for further support.

How Does the Vera Dowdle Charity Fund Help NORM Members?

The charity supports members of NORM who have a financial need due to illness, natural disaster or other emergencies, or a person in need of caring support due to an illness or accident.

Support could be in the form of a card, flowers or monetary donation to honor a special person. The committee will review all requests and send them to the NORM board for their approval.

None of this can happen without you. You are the eyes and ears for our members. If you know of anyone within the NORM organization who could use a helping hand and some encouragement, please send your nominations to: We ask you to keep the privacy of the NORM members who ask for and receive from the charity fund. Please do not send the nominations through the listserv.

How Can You Donate?

Use this link to donate to the charity fund.

Who is Vera Dowdle?

Vera was a truly extraordinary woman. She was a NORM member who managed the Clinic for Rheumatic Disease/Biologic Therapy Services in Tuscaloosa, AL. Dr. Richard Jones said, “She loved to serve and she served to love…she lived out the dictum that to be a leader, you must be a servant.” He went on to say, “She loved as a child loved, fully and without condition.”

Kirk McNair of the BAMA Magazine said, “Many students and staff have credited Vera as the glue that held them together (Crimson Tide).” In the spirit of Vera, this foundation will continue to honor her and all of the NORM members who love to serve and serve to love.

Vera Dowdle Charity Committee

Andrea Zlatkus – Chairperson
Beth Cooley

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