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“NORM has been a wonderful support organization for my office staff. The ListServ enables us to stay current on those issues that profoundly affect the practice of Rheumatology. In addition, the network of Office managers is an easy and fast way for us to get direct feedback on billing questions and Insurance policies that would otherwise slow down our practice. NORM has been a godsend for many of the offices in this area.”
-Michael Stevens MD, FACR

“I am the Managing Partner of Rheumatic Disease Associates. My Practice Administrator, Linda McKee’s, involvement in NORM has been very beneficial to our practice. It has allowed interaction with other practices that have helped us in many ways. It is a very important benefit as we traverse this turbulent time in medicine. This benefit is maximized by everything being Rheumatology specific. The ListServ is great. We as a group support and encourage her continued involvement as we expect the benefits to increase over time and it allows her to be an even more effective Administrator.”
-C. Michael Franklin MD, FACR,FACP

“NORM, by far, surpasses the benefits of any other organization I have ever belonged to. Through the ListServ, NORM members willingly assist each other by providing solutions to everyday issues that arise while managing a rheum practice. We share experiences, ideas, protocols and procedures specific to a rheumatology practice. The annual NORM conference in Sept. is definitely the icing on the cake as we all come away with practical ideas and tools that we can implement.”
-Mary Jo Wideman, RN, BSN,

“In a time of demanding changes in the management of medical practices in the US, NORM has been a lifesaver to the community of Rheumatology practices. NORM has allowed our practice to stay ahead of the many demands of CMS and others payors and has ensured that our practice remains cognizant of new issues that arise in HIPPA compliance, human resources and medical billing to name a few. Sending our Practice Manager to NORM’s conferences has been cost-effective and beneficial to our practice because she returns to our office with an abundance of information that otherwise would have taken months to compile. Every Rheumatology practice who wishes to stay on top of emerging issues in practice management should consider sending a member of their staff to NORM’s conference.”
-Michael S. Rosen M.D., Chester County Rheumatology PC

“As a speaker at the first ad hoc meeting of rheumatology practice managers gathered in a single small room at its infancy a decade ago, I’m amazed to see how NORM has blossomed into a high energy organization of depth and professional meetings with parallel break-out symposia between plenary sessions. NORM has truly come of age. This is where the “business” of rheumatology gets learned. The ”guildmanship” for rheumatology practice management is now strong.”
-Paul H. Caldron, DO, FACP, FACR, MBA, Arizona Arthritis and Rheumatology Associates

“Just A short note of Thanks to all those Wonderful People in the NORM Network who respond to emails… offering their advice, experience, time, and support … I haven’t even been a member a full year yet and I am amazed at the dedication of everyone who responds to helping via emails and the NORM Organization itself ! I have barely had a chance to explore the resources and I have yet to really dive into requests for help still I am silently Learning so much and do occasionally offer what I can! Thank you all !!”
-Cheryl Piambino, Kenneth E. Bresky, DO

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