2020 Conference Policies for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Registration Policies

The registration form for sponsorship or exhibit booth space must be completed on-line and executed by an individual who has the authority to act on behalf of the applicant. To access the sponsor/exhibitor on-line store you will have to sign that you accept the policies as described below.  The registration form must be submitted no later than July 1,2020. If space is no longer available you will be notified immediately.

If your organization requires NORM to sign a Commercial Agreement these must be completed by July 15, 2020.

All promised funds must be received within four weeks of submitting registration form. For those registering at the last minute funds must be received no later than August 1, 2020. If funds are not received August 1, 2020 NORM cannot promise that their corporate name will be included in our written materials, in our Conference App, or that the organization will be allowed to exhibit.


Logos are due to NORM no later than July 1, 2020. They must be in EPS format. (anyone inside your organization with graphic design experience will know how to convert your logo into the EPS format)

Cancellation/Subletting of Exhibit Space Policies

Cancellation of exhibit space and requests for refunds must be received in writing by June 1, 2020 for a 50% refund if space is sold to another vendor, payable after the conference. Cancellations received after June 1, 2020 are non-refundable.

Cancellation of sponsorships are non-refundable unless another sponsor steps forward for the event or item.

No subletting of space is permitted. Each firm represented in the Exhibit Hall must submit the on-line Exhibit Registration Form and sign acknowledging that they have read these policies. Any person subletting space will be subject to eviction.

Sponsor/Exhibitor Sponsored Events Policies

Sponsors/Exhibitors will not plan any event that conflicts in any way with NORM sponsored events. Choosing to plan an event that conflicts with a NORM sponsored event will result in the organization not being invited to join us at our next event.

An event is any activity from dinner with one conference attendee to an event to which many attendees are invited.

Companies that are not sponsors/exhibitors are prohibited from hosting advisory boards, focus groups, hospitality/social events, etc the week before the conference or during the conference.

Exhibit Hall Policies

Each sponsor/exhibitor will respect the exhibit set-up hours established by NORM. Exhibit set-up and shipping information will be shared with all sponsors/exhibitors by July 1, 2020. The sponsor/exhibitor will follow instructions regarding shipping items to the hotel. If instructions are not followed NORM is not responsible for missing exhibit items.

Exhibit space will be provided as indicated in the Prospectus.

Exhibits must be installed within the parameters of your exhibit space with no components extending beyond. All interactive features must be installed with the confines of your exhibit space. Your installation may not block other exhibitors. If your organization will not need the tables provided, your space will be noted on the floor. You must notify NORM that you will not be using your tables no later than August 1, 2020. No banners, signs or other material may be nailed, taped, hung to any hotel property.

The NORM Board works hard to encourage attendees to visit Sponsors/Exhibitors during exhibiting times.  Thus, each sponsor/exhibitor will have at least one representative at their booth when the exhibit hall is open (breakfast, lunch and breaks each day). Each sponsor/exhibitor will not break down their booth early. The agenda will be shared with your corporate contact, will be posted on the NORM website, and will be on the mobile app.

Each sponsor/exhibitor will receive the number of name badges appropriate for their level. Additional name badges may be purchased.

Distribution of literature/advertising materials may only occur in your exhibit space. No literature / advertising materials may be left on dining tables in the exhibit hall. Interviews, focus groups, etc are to occur within your exhibit space. If you wish to hold additional sessions, you must notify NORM’s administrative director (the times and locations) and await approval before moving forward with plans.

Insuring Exhibits

While the exhibit hall will be monitored during the day and locked after our sessions end, exhibitors and sponsors are encouraged to insure their exhibits, merchandise, and display materials against theft, fire, etc at their own expense. NORM is not responsible for any damage to the exhibits.

Sponsor/Exhibitor Attendance for Educational Sessions Policies

Sponsors/Exhibitors are welcome to attend the general sessions unless they are for members’ only and this is indicated on the conference brochure. Chairs will be set in the back of the general session space for their use. Sponsor/Exhibitors may not sit with the membership. Please respect our attendees and speakers and do NOT carry on a conversation with your colleagues. If conversations become a problem the corporate member will be asked to leave the room.

If there is space representatives may attend the breakout sessions. Sponsors/Exhibitors are not to enter the breakout room until all attendees have entered.  Sponsors/Exhibitors must sit in the back of the room.

The NORM Educational Committee (NEC) sessions and Circles of Knowledge are for NORM members only.

The NORM annual membership meeting is for NORM members only and Sponsors/Exhibitors may not attend.

Guest Rooms for Sponsors/Exhibitors

Hotel rooms are the responsibility of the Sponsors/Exhibitors. We have negotiated a guestroom block at the host hotel. Detailed information regarding guestroom reservations available in Cvent our registration system. This will be shared with our contact and they will register everyone for the conference and make hotel reservations. Please do not overbook or double book rooms.


Sponsors/Exhibitors agree to abide by these terms, and any applicable provisions under NORM’s agreement with the management of the Austin Hilton.

Sponsors/Exhibitors assume full responsibility and liability for any loss, damage or claim arising out of injury or damage to sponsor and exhibitor’s displays/materials.

Sponsors/Exhibitors agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Austin Hilton Convention Center, Inc. from and against all claims, actions, causes of actions, or liabilities, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of or resulting from any act undertaken or committed by Sponsor/Exhibitor or any contractors hired or engaged by the Exhibitor or Sponsor in connection with the conference. Sponsors/Exhibitors also agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Austin Hilton Convention Center, Inc. from any liability resulting from any claim, action or action, which may be asserted by third parties arising out of the performance of the Sponsor/Exhibitor’s obligations pursuant to this agreement, except those which are due to misconduct or negligence of the Convention Center.

Sponsor/Exhibitor Responsibility Clause

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the person/legal entity described as “Exhibitor” in this clause and in this exhibitor contract (regardless whether such person/legal entity is also described as “Exhibitor” in this contract) hereby assumes full responsibility and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Hilton Austin Convention Center, Inc. (“Hotel”), Hotel’s owner (Austin Convention Enterprise, Inc.), managers, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees and agents (collectively, “Hotel Parties”), as well as National Organization of Rheumatology Managers (“Group”), from and against any and all claims or expenses arising out of Exhibitor’s use of the Hotel’s exhibition premises.

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  • As a speaker at the first ad hoc meeting of rheumatology practice managers gathered in a single small room at its infancy a decade ago, I’m amazed to see how NORM has blossomed into a high energy organization of depth and professional meetings with parallel break-out symposia between plenary sessions. NORM has truly come of age. This is where the “business” of rheumatology gets learned. The ”guildmanship” for rheumatology practice management is now strong.- Paul H. Caldron, DO, FACP, FACR, MBA, Arizona Arthritis and Rheumatology Associates
  • In a time of demanding changes in the management of medical practices in the US, NORM has been a lifesaver to the community of Rheumatology practices.  NORM has allowed our practice to stay ahead of the many demands of CMS and others payors and has ensured that our practice remains cognizant of new issues that arise in HIPPA compliance, human resources and medical billing to name a few. Sending our Practice Manager to NORM's conferences has been cost-effective and beneficial to our practice because she returns to our office with an abundance of information that otherwise would have taken months to compile. Every Rheumatology practice that wishes to stay on top of emerging issues in practice management should consider sending a member of their staff to NORM's conference.- Michael S. Rosen M.D., Chester County Rheumatology PC
  • Thanks to all those wonderful people in the NORM Network who respond to emails, offering their advice, experience, time, and support ... I haven't even been a member a full year yet and I am amazed at the dedication of everyone who responds to helping via emails and the NORM Organization itself! I have barely had a chance to explore the resources and I have yet to really dive into requests for help still I am silently learning so much and do occasionally offer what I can! Thank you all!- Cheryl Piambino, Kenneth E. Bresky, DO

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