Why NEC with NORM?

Are you asking yourself : “Is it time to add a new Physician, maybe a mid-level? When do I know if the time is right? Everything is moving so fast!”  If you are starting to ask yourself these questions, then NORM and the NEC have the answers.

Join the NEC (NORM’s Education Committee) for an in-depth session “On-Boarding New Physicians and Mid-Levels” during our Annual Conference in Kansas City. NORM is “Getting Jazzed About Rheumatology” and the NEC would love to have you there as we examine key indicators for answering your first questions: Is it Time to Expand? What are the next steps? Well, we will answer these questions and more as we move through the process from the beginning to end.

Topics that will be covered are:

  • The Search Is On,
  • On-Boarding,
  • Contracting,
  • Credentialing,
  • Marketing and
  • Growing Pains.

We will review the rules as we explore various scenarios for incident to billing.   You will leave empowered and ready to tackle On-Boarding a new physician or mid-level into your practice.

Join the NEC in Kansas City as we are pumped and ready to get our Jazz on as we dive into On-Boarding Providers.  Are you there yet? If the answer is YES, MAYBE or The possibility is in your future!; then you will find this presentation extremely valuable and leave with a checklist to get you started.

Our session is Friday, September 15 at 4:30 p.m. NEC’s session will be followed by our JAZZ reception and dinner. See you there and “Get JAZZED about RHEUMATOLOGY!

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