About The National Organization of Rheumatology Managers (NORM)

The National Organization of Rheumatology Managers (NORM) is an organization comprised of members involved in all aspects of rheumatology practice operations. Our membership spans the entire country with representation in almost every state of the union.

NORM provides rheumatology practice managers, administrators and managing physicians countless opportunities to network with colleagues through its ListServ and annual conference. The varying levels of expertise among our many members along with the diverse sizes and services of the practices they represent offer a myriad of benefits to the overall membership.

NORM has become increasingly attentive to the needs of our membership, adding an array of requested topics and speakers to our conference agendas as well as a number of breakout sessions related to current issues.

NORM’s ListServ has been well received and extremely active. This ListServ provides a wealth of information and opinions related to an ever-growing number of topics which has proven to be an invaluable tool to assist our members with the many daily challenges of their positions.

NORM works with other organizations to host webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics important to practice managers/administrators. The NORM board of directors and NORM members act as panelist on the webinars.

NORM has succeeded in developing a network of rheumatology professionals, one that has improved our lives personally and professionally. Together we face and conquer the many operational challenges of our practices. We have achieved much and are enthusiastic about our continued future growth and progress.

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