The Best Way to Get More Patient Testimonials  

The best advertising is simple, old-fashioned word of mouth. People naturally trust their friends and family more than strangers or advertisements, so it makes sense that we place more weight on personal recommendations. While we’re sure your rheumatology patients are already talking positively about your practice to anyone who will listen, getting those testimonials in writing—and then publishing them on your website—is a great way to extend their reach, increase their power, and gain new patients.

Having a page where you list vague compliments like “Best doctor ever!” or “Very good care!” is nice, but it doesn’t offer enough substance to grab a potential patient and compel them to pick up the phone. If you’d like to get effective patient testimonials and success stories from your patients, you need to ask the right questions. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled several good examples below. By asking the following questions, you’ll be raking in honest and positive promotions in no time.

  1. What was your biggest challenge before making an appointment with our practice?

    This question helps create a sense of conflict and urgency. It is also a good way to hook a reader, and will appeal to others who deal with similar challenges.

  2. What was your favorite part of coming to our practice?

    This will help your patient think in specifics. If they are at a loss, don’t be afraid to ask leading questions. A short wait time, a compassionate physician, or a comfortable waiting room are aspects they may want to highlight.

  3. If you were recommending our practice to a friend, what would you say?
    This encourages your patient to write or speak naturally, rather than trying to achieve a certain level of sophistication or medical prowess. Remember, we’re going for word of mouth marketing—the more it sounds like an honest conversation, the better!
  4. What are two ways your life has changed since your first appointment?

    This shows the value of your practice, and how it has improved your patients’ lives. Perhaps they’re back on the golf course, or have taken up knitting. Maybe they have more energy to spend with their grandkids, or perhaps they’ve gotten back to volunteering regularly. These details will inspire others and help them view the testimonials as coming from real, live people—just like them.

  5. Is there anything you’d like to add?

    Every patient is unique and different, and the same questions won’t unearth everything. This question gives your patient the chance to contribute a detail or anecdote you didn’t anticipate, which can result in the some of the best, most effective testimonials.

We hope these ideas help you get great testimonials and new patients. Here’s to a future full of success stories!

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